ANGELINA’S TRAVEL: Our name is inscribed in our history. A story of passion for travel that begins from the 80s.

We were established in 1987 and since then we have never stopped creating a high quality service ensuring the safety of those traveling with us. We believe a Tour Operator should make you live a unique experience, making you feel at ease even in the most remote regions of the globe. We have an organization that constantly watches over your travels.

We have personally tested all of our destinations over and over. For this reason, together with our staff of guides and product managers, we can plan a trip the way you have dreamed it. We can give more value to your experience.

For us professionalism means:

  • Profound knowledge of the countries in which we operate
  • Constant attention to new local tourist attractions
  • Monitoring of service quality standards
  • Consolidated organizational network in our destinations
  • Continuous training of local staff
  • Finding a balance between tourism development and protection of places


That’s why you can reserve a seat, we are all about turning your dreams into reality!